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Why I am No Longer a Spiritual Speaker

Here is the reason in brief: 
A Multiple Choice Questionnaire

What Would You Do?
Your in the public eye and your doing something that everyone tells you is inspiring a lot of people and you think your helping. Then you find out that its actually making things worse do you ?
A) Forget you found that out and continue doing it anyway finding ways to justify that its ok, too afraid to change and to give up the gravy train popularity it brings? it seems so pretty, positive, easy answers and everyone loves you for doing it, why give that up? Why not just pretend you never heard it or does not resonate with you? ...
B ) stop doing it immediately and beat yourself up give up, becoming depressed then go do something completely different?. Or
C) bite the bullet, be willing to see it for what it is, that its not pretty or positive at all and you can risk losing lots of friends and followers as its not what they want to hear & admit it openly and expose it and do what u can to rectify it and turn it around into something helpful again, as it must be done ..
I choose C, hence why you see me now speaking up and against the dangers of spirituality. Which one would you choose?

warm regards


Some videos on why i am no longer a spiritual speaker

"We have been suppressing ourselves for millennia in the name of illusions that we call our beliefs, ideals, god and spirituality.
Its not that we are excluding just religions but all beliefs, not that beliefs  in themselves are bad. Beliefs on there own are fine. The problem comes when we do not question or think outside of our beliefs. When we think we are our beliefs thus letting them think for us, then we get very protective and irrational to anything that challenges our beliefs. Which then can easily makes a person violent and unstable. This is not a theory or an exaggeration this is history, this is a fact, this is life, this is our conditioned mind.
There is no logical and rational and intelligent self-realization and understanding in gratifying ourselves with and through acts of yearning and believing in abstract speculations built up on & by illusions.. there is only self-perpetuation of irrationality, with its everlasting weight of fights, antagonisms and human miseries..
He or she who follows a speaker, a guru, a preacher, whoever, including the writer of this post.. signs his or her course of self indoctrination, which is a psychological malediction! Never follow the speaker.. strictly ! Understand the contents and think: the speaker is irrelevant! Find out for yourself what's is fake and what is fact.. You all have a duty: it's called intelligence.
I can not ignore the dangers in the spiritual movement. I have to point it out, maybe others will see what i am talking about and the danger in it.
I can not ignore it because i am responsible and most people who follow me are into spirituality and so they get confused.
When a person follower spirituality, new age, beliefs in general that allow the belief to think for them then a person gets into all kinds of unpleasant situations.
I have had people asking me for help, out of the confusion or wanting to understand how they ended up being used and abused by people they thought were spiritual but were just sexual perverts or exploiters.
These adds to the confusion even more so for people because they sincerely thought that they were on the path that they were becoming more spiritual, but instead they just became more psychologically unstable.
These are the people that try to find solutions in the world but only end up making things worse because they are totally confused. We have to look at the spiritual movement from a clinical view to as the more spirituality is on the rise so is depression/mental instablitity because they are linked.
The more depressed a person is the more unstable and desperate they become. They cling to spiritual stratagems of all kinds and the more confused they become and the more dangerous they and their beliefs become. Its about damage prevention not comforting people after all the damage is done so it to happen again and again.

The shallow pudding of the so called ''new age movements or spiritual movement''  it makes people intellectually and emotionally dysfunctional because of its deleterious brainwashing aimed to subdue our possible rational reasoning, understanding and private thinking..
Intelligent questioning, sane critical thinking, are in fact surreptitiously and hypocritically substituted with the jargon “negative emotions'', or (up to the ridiculous) ''low vibrations''!

Intelligence and reason are actually what can defend us from abuse and exploitation.

We are looking for people who are really interested in gaining a deeper understanding of their own mind, without putting any boxes of labels around it. We find that spirituality is deeply flawed and just as superficial as religiosity, in many ways, its a group that sees many "positive" ways of life, as just another type of escape. If the thought of thinking independently of "your" beliefs offends you, then this might not be the right group for you.

We are selective to who we work with. We want people who are willing to inquire past their beliefs.
If you want to find out more consider contacting us or joining our EOF Facebook group