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Virus and Antivirus

This psychological investigation could be compared to a Virus and its Antivirus.

The Virus

It is evident that confusion and irrational thinking are behind many of the major problems of human life. According to our research, this acts exactly like a virus in the mind, just like it would in a computer.
This is referred to as Psychological Insufficiency.
There is a radical need to understand psycho-social discomfort, especially among modern societies, in which so many individuals are suffering dramatically.
This Psychological Insufficiency acts as a virus in the mind.

The Antivirus

By encouraging self-study, critical thinking and in depth inquiry of personal and collective despondency, we can see that it originates in the imprinting and safe guarding of our mindsets.
The real obstacle is the lack of understanding of the structure of our thought processes. As it is with a computer virus the better one understands and studies the virus, the less a person falls into psychological traps of gullibility and is able to handle the virus before it can do serious damage to the main frame,  of our psyche.
This profound understanding works exactly like an "antivirus" in the mind.


Is it possible that this virus is living among us undetected and we have never even thought to scan the computer?
Let's do a scan and find out for ourselves.

Scan Yourself

So many people are not even aware of their confusion or that they may be conditioned to think or see in a certain way. Often, even when shown, we just do not want to see it. 
However for those who are curious and want to explore this matter further, we have put together a short scan to see what we hide from ourselves. This Reveals the psychological virus. Let's run the scan.

Write down the first word that comes to your mind when you look at this picture. Then scroll down to see your results.

What do you see when you look at this picture?

What the picture is actually about

The psychological sensation is apparent. Then we automatically verbalize it. If you wrote down cuteness, sacred, wisdom,  or something similar. It may even make you feel warm inside. What would happen if we did not name the sensation? If we do not rely on the virus, which is often hidden in the verbalization/software?
Then we can realize what this picture is actually about, which in this case is not sacred, wisdom, cuteness and it is not what we think we love.
What this picture is actually about is called INDOCTRINATION.

How many viruses might we have in our psyche that we may not have even considered?
Think about these things...

Perhaps you found this example uncomfortable. Can we also study, question and explore this discomfort?You may find that it is not you that feels uncomfortable but the struggling belief or idea that is running on automatic. This is an invitation to ask where exactly, did those beliefs and ideas come from?
To understand more how psychological viruses work and what we can do about its suggested to make mind maps of our own mind, see some examples on this page.