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Impression On Breaking The Chains Toward Freedom

One of the biggest obstacle to psychological Freedom is authority.

Authority has multiple facets.

It can be our mum, it can be our dad.
It can be our son, it can be our brother.
It can be our sister, it can be a banker.
It can be our classmate, it can be our teacher.
It can be our TV/Internet, it can be a politician.
It can be a book, it can be a philosopher.
It can be a singer, it can be an actress/actor.
It can be a guru, it can be our partner.
It can be a religion, it can be a god...
It can be even be others or our own opinions
And so on.

But what is the common point between all of them ? It is us. Or to be more precise, our relation to them ; and by so, our relation with our mind.

They are an authority because we let them be those authority. They are an authority because we let them influencing our mind. They are an authority because we let them decide for us. They are an authority because we put them on a pedestal.

I enter a phase in which I am not afraid anymore of all those figure of authority.
I do not mind to question their mind, to question their lyrics, to question their teachings, to question their success nor their life... I do not feel crushed anymore.

I'm about to cross the psychological limit we all put in our mind, which is the one which forged our chains : the comparing impression to 'feel' unworthy or inferior or never enough.

I slowly enter the field of infinite possibilities : taking all the people who intimidated me as equal, destroying the pedestal I built for them. Seeing them as humans and complicated minds, struggling with their mind like everyone of us.

I'm not feeling superior nor feeling inferior. I'm just beginning to feel free.

No comparisons anymore, no pressure because of expectations from others, no judgements..

I know people can be stupid, I know people can be insane.. but I don't feel superior to them, I just understand them.
I know people can be genius, I know people can be impressive.. but I don't feel inferior to them, I just understand why they are like this.
I know I can be harsh on me, I know I can feel unworthy or not enough, but I don't blame myself or accuse me, I just understand how my mind works now.

It is like being aligned and breaking free, not fearing anymore and running from the zombie army to face it ; and to go and jump from a devastated land into the marvellous forest of equality.
Or showing your ass to them without fearing to be attacked :-P

I can feel this feeling of freedom slightly entering my mind dissolving all the chains with his sulphuric acid of comprehension..

It is a deep feeling of unity.. slowly filling one of the gap between my mind and the socially conditioned me.

It takes time, there is a long way to go, but we were born like this. It is time for us to take back the keys we threw, of the chains we forged, for our multiple self and identities.

It is time for us to break free ! ;-)

-- :) Part 2
I Wanted to be a Warrior

A Few months ago, at the same time that I was completely jumping into the spiritual blurred water, I was seeking for (horrifying) “truths”.

Indeed when you don't understand the world you live in, you are looking for answers. That's the natural process we've been programmed to do.
Why is the world unfair ? Why is the world completely rotten ? Why the heck are there so many financial inequities ?

With Internet, when you seek for truths, you have them. You even have tons of different ones. Then you have to sort them out.
Urgh. So difficult. So painful. Horrific things you didn't even dare to imagine, in your conditioned box.

One of the numerous walls of the illusory house you lived in till that day, just fall in front of you. And you begin to see a bigger picture :

GMO Foods.
Banks (and virtual money).
Hidden leaders on top of that pile of shit, thirsty for power and money.

How is it possible that human beings can be like that ?
How can I live in this world full of greedy peoples anymore ?
Isn't there any solutions ?

And then “poof !”, spirituality showed up and appeared to be an appreciated buoy on this muddy ocean... I am not drowning anymore... I can learn to live wih this... I can finally breath...

“ Hmm... wait : peace, love and light ? Waiting for an event ?
Okay... all those people are like me... hurt... desperately looking for a solution... but is this an acceptable way to deal with all this shit ? Blinding our eyes meditating, waiting for a saver ?
I wanted to be a warrior ! Someone strong who would not be affected by the wrong foods or by the chemicals spread through Earth to make us slowly die...
I'm sure we must have an opportunity somewhere... but this spirituality... it's like it gives me nothing concrete, only new illusions...
I can't deeply feel better.. those are all tricks to the mind... eating better foods ? Choosing the only power we have which is the consumer power ? Well yes that is a good start... but will this really change something for us ? Aren't we doing the same mistakes again and again for millennia ? Where is the 'change' ? People are crazy and trees are falling... hope is not enough anymore... is this the price for knowing what is happening out there ? Being powerless ?

It does not make me understand... I am drowning but with the illusion that I am not... Where do all this illusions end ? ”

As I was pursuing my researches, I found the EOF Project, EOF meaning End Of Fear. It was made by an ex Spiritual Speaker, Jessica Schab, and an unusual Italian named Diego... (not that I really knew Italians before) but wow.. that was mind blowing. Really hard to digest at the beginning... all that I've been into for months was falling apart... again... but this time it was different.
How could I have never think of that before ? Here was finally the thing I was looking for, not knowing that it was it !

Understanding... A profound understanding of the mind... free from all conditionings... it was like deprogramming... forgetting everything we thought we knew... I was feeling like having jumped into the matrix ! That was fun ! But completely disturbing...

Shortly after I began to understand the illusions in which I had been 'lulled' all along those years, a deep feeling of 'well being' invaded me... well I don't know what label to put on, but I felt like a relief... like landed at home...

Thanks to them I could finally understand... even briefly...I did finally put my finger in what I was feeling 'wrong' with me...

Explaining EOF Project would be too long... I took a month to understand it properly, staying calm when some reflections would make all my conditionings protest... trying to dig into it... being patient with my struggles...

I am quite sure that if everyone would take time and have patience to understand all of it... deeply and not briefly... the world would not be as it is today...

I wanted to be a warrior... but now I just want to be Free.
-by Susie Kiou