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Psychological Health
Physical Health



The preoccupied mind, preoccupied for all possible ills.. (which is a hypochondriac psyche), the mind who is so often obsessed by the idea of health or simply paranoid..
such a (almost constantly) preoccupied mind brings paradoxically psychological & physical problems able to affect the body:
it goes in the same direction it wants to avoid.

This, of course, doesn't mean that health should be ignored;
but the constant preoccupation regarding the health of the body works physically and psychologically exactly like the fear.. of fear, wich is fear of the unknown.. which is recondite fear of death masked by other phobias:

healthy obsessions are not healty at all:
they will only cage the mind in its own miserable maniacal obsessions and fears... because the obsessed mind cannot be peaceful:

a preoccupied mind is a perennial suspicious mind; therefore violent with herself and toward the body in which the mind lives.

Consciously it fears illnesses..
Unconsciously it fears merely the whole vision and experiencing of unknown;
therefore it fears its own future

How can we be dramatically afraid of a glass of wine sometimes ?
But not afraid at all about the paranoid mental wine that drowns your brain on a daily base ?



We use to think at the mind as an entity incorporated in the body right ?
And we use to think at the body as light or heavy:
we think at the body in term of weight…
And we think at the mind in term of abstract contents.

To repeat, in brief, this concept again:

The weight is a matter of the body,
the abstract contents are matter of the mind.

The body needs food and actions,
The mind needs thoughts and it needs the processing of those thoughts.

Have you ever wonder about the weight of the mind ?
have you ever thought at the mind, (especially when the mind is suffering, or maybe in the morning after the awakening when so often the mind is a whirlpool of spinning thoughts)... in term of weight ?

Let's try to reverse this way of thinking;
…by perceiving the body as the "container" of the mind and the mind as a "object", a real thing, with a measurable weight.

This is to say how while we are so interested, especially nowadays, on the appropriate diet for the body.. so to keep the body medically sane…
we are very little interested regarding the weight of the mind, and its possible sane diet.
Right ?

What does it means ?

It means that our society is filled by people the body of which is perfectly, naturally and medically sane (or at least they try)… nourished by organic food, appropriate alimentary habits, a good daily gymnastic or yoga.. but their mind is comparable to a "McDonald mind".. filled by a multitude of types of "psychological fat", then obviously this fat gets intellectually translated into mysterious form of fear, obsession, mania, hypochondria, bipolar unbalancing, sense of guilt, sense of regret, sense of shame, sense of panic sometimes.. and surely the fear to be alienated.. isolated.. to become losers.. and so on.

Isn't it true ?

It's almost shocking the realization coming from the observation of how people are so disinterested about an appropriate diet of the mind… worshiping the body, or just what they have, rather than the total understanding, (with no acts of worshiping something and no conditioned visions), of what makes the body, what we have and what we do.. working… which is the psyche.

Someone can say:
"dude; without a good health the mind cannot work properly"…
which is correct, i would reply…
but surely a body with a mind sunken into a confused and terrible psychological health has very little reasons to live its life…
Would you be agree with that ?

So now... look at these circumstances:
The moment you spend the majority of your life trying to become someone..
then your mind is fat.
The circumstance in which the majority of your daily life is occupied by your religious beliefs, or your spiritual attitudes, or your existential practices, blind routines or automatic behaviors whatsoever, then your mind is a fat mind... barely able to "walk" psychologically.
The stronger your attachment & comparison with the common sense, social dogmas, rhetoric morality and conditioning's from the past is...
the fatter your mind becomes... filled by the lard of conditioned psycho-social manipulation that set the mind into a fatty obese paralyzed construct consisting in a homologated network of conditioned thoughts.

How many times have you heard things like "empty your mind, so to light up the psyche" ?
It's fine but what does it means ?
What does it means tangibly ? ... beyond of its spiritual/philosophical/intellectual rhetoric ?

Can we possess a mind enriched by thoughts, wisdom, perceptions,emotions and intellectual deductions without making the psyche fat ?

Surely the answer is yes !
But to do that, to do this action which is nothing but the synonymous of a totally free and psychologically healthy intelligence, we must, first, locate and erase the psycho-social fat of conditioning's that has been inoculated into our thoughts for years... by the syringes of religiosity, morality, society, school, mass media, common morality and ideas, traditions, modern tribalism, superstitions and even family


Jessica & Diego, can you tell me what your thoughts are on meat consumption? I have come to know that taking part of a destructive industry that abuses life all for the sake of money and desire... is a reflection of the abuse within the self.

Diego - It is not a complicate issue, but to talk about this topic (which is a very relevant topic) we have to talk about it and to face the topic from a multi-levels-base otherwise we will just separate the discussion between vegetarianism, vegan and omnivores and that leads nowhere if not in making useless conflicts for nothing.
So I'm going to put down some points where we must reflect:
1) No matter if omnivorous or vegetarian or vegan; that's not the problem ..neither it represents the solution 'cause the radical problem is that the whole matter of food is related and dominated by the industry of food which means money: food is money regardless of the kind of food we eat... and that's insanity in itself.
2) Very often the mind of the person who cares on healthy food or the mind of he who feels guilty to eat food that comes from the exploitation and the killing of animals... very often that mind thinks blindly.
To give an example: I live in a place which is the homeland of raw foodists... There is a restaurant ('restaurant' for lack of better definitions 'cause it looks more like a kind of church) which is totally dedicated to raw food and that attracts many "spiritualist-raw foodist people".
It is a place in which a salad costs 17 dollars ! (just to mention the relationship money-food as said above). Well, the usual guests act like self proclaimed "conscious people" 'cause they feel proud in being vegan and walking barefoot so to be reconnected with nature... The problem (just one aspect of the problem) is that they all use apple computers and iPhones: devices that comes from the destruction of Africa.. and they walk barefoot... but on the asphalt. You see: they see a problem.. they solve the problem becoming vegan... but they are totally blind regarding all other problems (especially those problems within the mind) and totally blind regarding the fact in which there is no more a possible form of exile we can call "total responsibility" in which we can really live without our daily contribution to the destruction of the world !.
Not to say that so many of those people take the raw food/vegan thing in a kind of religious way: I do know people who pretend their cats and dog to be vegan ! I do know people who push their kids 2/3 y.o. to eat as a vegan !
And this, let me say that, it total insanity and pretty dangerous. Can we call this 'responsibility' ?
3) Whatever the food we eat is, the food is related with money and wherever the industry of profit and food operates ..there there is always destruction. In Borneo/Kalimantan (to give an example) the forest of the orangutans is getting more and more destroyed to give space to the cultivation of raw food products (which is a new very remunerative market and trend in the world).
4) The human being is an omnivorous being, not a vegan animal: it's not a cow. What about if we were born in form of tiger, or in form of t-rex dinosaur... would we feel in constant guilt because we are compelled to eat meat due to biological needs ?
Surely a tiger doesn't blame herself 'cause she killed the zebra for dinner.
By that I want to kill immediately all forms of hypocrisy regarding this matter..
What I'm trying to say is that in nature a tiger takes just one zebra.. not different variants just for pleasure... A owls kills just a mouse.. A cobra requires almost 5000 mouses in all of his life... a tree takes just the amount of water the tree needs.. and so on...
And what about us ?
5) We have a vast possibility to use our intelligence and nowadays we have technology... so what about to allow ourselves to eat only the meet of the animals that are about to die ?
To summarize:
-Animals destined to become food live simply a tremendous life worst that the concentration camps (not to say the chemical things in their bodies).
-When we eat the meet of a cow who has been living in segregation for her entire life .. then what we eat implies that segregation 'cause the psychological devastation of the cow entered the body's cells as like into a depressed person .. the body has an effect due to the depressive state of the mind...
-Food, no matter if vegan or not, is possessed by the industry of profit ($) and wherever we go, whatever we eat.. as long this domination exists .. where there is need of food there there is distruction.. always.
-We can eat only the meet of those animals who are about to die because of their oldness: imagine a cow that has less than one month to live and perhaps is suffering physically.
Imagine that that cow lived her entire life naturally and freely.
Imagine that you can kill the cow softly.. technologically.. because in any case the cow is going to die within one month (facing a lot of suffering perhaps)...
then what's the problem is that ? Guilt ? Moral ? Ethic ?
The problem about food is all to be found in the fact in which as long we do not fully understand our mind... nothing will change in an intelligent way...
The moment we change our mind through a total understanding of the mind itself... then also society, which is us !, changes.. intelligently and technologically without destruction of life

Elemental Heart Art- I understand what you mean. But the industries don't care for waiting for the cow to age or other animals. especially the babies.. they kill them for veal. I know there are far more issues all around.. not just the issues with animal abuse.. theres so much abuse in different areas too.. but the way I see it.. at least i can stop the animal abuse in my life.. mainly because I do not like that so many animals are suffering all for a Stupid cheeseburger or steak dinner.I know the issues stem much deeper in the psyche of the mass in relation to animal abuse.. but it's one thing i feel i cannot participate in. To hear an animal crying in agony because it feels pain is enough for me to understand that I dont have to participate. So if i choose to not eat meat for my body.. then what does that mean? I am denying my own nature? Im not doing it for my own spiritual growth. Im doing it because I dont feel i can participate in the killing of an animal.. with blood and crying.... screaming for its life.

Elemental Heart Art So you're saying that not eating meat also means i would have an issue with guilt?

Diego - The abuses exists because the minds of the many are busy in something else (guilt, ethic, moral mention just few toxins) : most of the people think partially: they think through constant fragmentation. Who created the monster of food industry? Men.. us.. Are we responsible regarding the very root of the problem (which is to be found in the fact in which we think through a fragmented way) or are we focused only in the possible solution ? Because the solution exists because of the problem.. and the problem exists because of its roots.. and therefore the very real actual practical social global problem is the way we all react with those roots... The more we ignore a personal, intimate, intelligent and profound inquiry.. the more the human world decays in every way... To avoid the contribution of the killing of animals is a 100% understandable matter... but that's not the solution