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                       Mankind’s Main Problem
what is mankind's main problem in the world?
It is a common belief that the main problems in the human world is war, geopolitics and the conflicts among religions and so on.
This is the repeated story across centuries,
it is an indisputable fact, not an opinion.
What is the cause of this?
Have we ever stopped to think about human psychological insufficiency?
How is it conceivable to cling to ideals, to spiritual achievements,
to common sense, to the dictates touted by culture,
traditions, beliefs, moralities?
how can we possibly cling to any of these glorified ideals, grasping at the idea of progress, hoping for an end to our fear and conflicts?
Meanwhile what stays at the center or at the root of all of this is confusion. Solutions become redundant as they never solve the problem.
rather, solutions amplify the problem.
If our problem stems from our unresolved psychological insufficiency then the psychological result is that our very own thinking becomes more and more bias. Just like the glorified aspects of our lives turn on us and eventually destroys us it is, in fact, the intelligence that brilliantly tricks itself.
Eventually, the mind falls into constant conflict with its own thoughts, to a point where we even become afraid to think. We live in a world today where people would rather do anything other than think.
Regardless of what we do, we cannot escape our mind.
This self-manipulation becomes more and more clever, and unbearable because of the noise it makes while we ignore it, allowing our confusion to grow undetected and infinite.
The confusion stops the mind from fully functioning
Let me give you an example sensation is the feeling before any thought is formed and thinking takes place from the sensation comes the need to identify it. The need to make it known.
Often times when we have a feeling, emotion or thought and we do not know what it means or where it comes from. We try to find a meaning to it which is often from our memory or our identity. Let's say we select the emotion sadness. We often do this by thinking of something sad that happened to us. Then we convince ourselves this is how and why we feel, but really it's a trick we play on ourselves.. the emotion could have been anything but it's the need to have an existential meaning that confuses everything.
Thought gets in the way of thinking and misinterprets perception constantly so we do not ever understand no matter how hard we try or what we do, this it brings us into confusion and constant conflict and drama, especially when we identify and take it personally.
When we are not able to see our own self-manipulation, or how we misinterpret sensations, or why we try to justify and identify with a reason for why we feel that way as we relive memories and re-enact them out as if it's happening right now, being not able to tell the difference between thoughts and reality. This is becoming a big problem. How is it that an idea of something happening to us is more relevant than what is actually going on in reality?
When we are not attentive the perception turns into a box thought and spins in circles which often leads to putting our minds in conflict, contradiction, and apathy which often leads to addictions paranoia and mental disorders, but if we are attentive then the perception becomes thinking and is able to stay clear and precise preventing a thought to turn into a belief system.
This is a tricky one but also the fulcrum of EOF and understanding the mind the more we investigate the layers the more we can see the structure of our estranged and dysfunctional relationships we have with thinking. Once we become more familiar this process it really is fascinating and exciting.
When i started to understand this and was able to see this better it’s was a turning point in which i started to struggle less with my mind, and i started to actually enjoy thinking.
The world today is inundated with so many self-motivational solutions that often result in a person clinging to an authority or ideology, open beaked, cheeping for answers or to be told what to think rather than learning the mechanics of thinking.
Thinking about thinking seems to be the closest we'll ever get to living with true lucidity.
Have we ever been alone with our mind free from biases and beliefs and ideas of ourselves?
What is our daily psychological occupation aside from our technical things?
Most likely you have not thought about these questions before and this is one of the main reasons why our psychological insufficiency remains unexplored, not studied, inquired into or deeply understood.
Here we try to inquire into ideals without any pre-packaged mindsets
challenge gullibility and contradictions.
we will explore why irrationality seems more alluring than rational thinking
are you ready to explore why the most technologically advanced, intelligent species is the most cognitively disturbed? what will it take to reinstate our intelligence?