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For Atheists and Skeptics

The EOF supports, encourages and promotes the Skeptic movement. We align with them on the mission to promotes sober rational thinking.
We decided to make this page as an aid for atheists that are stuggling with their mind as skeptical thinking is indisputably a healthy position of analysis. To the skeptics we wish to ask:
Is the skeptical thinker also skeptical about his/her own inward processes of thinking?
Such as their personal traditional values, they’re emotions, memories, and the subjective procedures of reasoning, ideas, ideals, mindsets and biases?
Or is the skeptic an inwardly a patriotic person struggling with cultural conditioning, or caught in some sort of demi-superstition, contradictions that is unknowingly to them bringing about their mental discomfort?


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Skeptic Aid for Mental Discomfort FB Support Group

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The Network is a private Facebook group for atheists/skeptics (non-theists, ex-religious, humanist, secularist, etc) who need a bit of support some times.
I'm avoiding being more specific. Depression, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, etc are definitely part of what this group is about. But I don't want to use the term "mental health problems" because to be honest when you've been excluded from your family and/or community (as many of us have) I'm pretty sure hurting is a sign of good mental health. Being oblivious would be worrying.