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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding EOF Coaching

I'm interested in the Coaching What's the Next Step?

This coaching is not for the faint of heart. So please, serious inquires only.

Summarized order of Steps,

1.     Am I ready to dismantle my psychological fears? Am I ready to do the work?
2.    Fill out questionnaire to qualify
3.    Check out website for prices and further info
4.    Arrange a meeting and hello over Skype with us
5.    Try one or two coaching sessions to start
6.    Select a co-working package
7.    Chose a time and day each week to dismantle

I'm Still Interested but I'm Not Sure if I Can Afford This, What Can I Do?

There are many options. First off, you are not expected to pay the whole lump sum up front, many do choose to pay this way to secure their spot. Another option is to pay 1/3 of the total amount upfront. If a person is tight financially then they have the option either pay per session or monthly. Keep in mind that we also offer a two for one session for partners. There is flexibility considering has a person a whole year to make full payment. If you are serious about the work, we will find a way to ensure the price is not the single deterrent.

Why Do You Charge For This?

The coaching will eventually be privately funded, so people can immerse fully in this work without limitation of money. The fruition of this vision is still underway. In the meantime, we recognize how exchanging money serves as incentive dedication through perceived value. If we do not charge, people tend not to take this seriously nor recognize the value. Co-working to dismantle is a lot of energy to invest and we need to ensure dedication and willingness to stick it out no matter how intense it gets.

We are tackling the issue of fear and some are afraid just to sign up with us to explore further their fears. They take their fears too seriously, and tend to procrastinate the root issue away. Fear is very persistent and relentless. We invest a lot of energy in a person and the worse thing they can do is drop out during the process just because they get impatient or distracted and do not see the results they want right away.

If a person comes to us for a quick fix or thinks we are healers who are going to save them, then they do not understand what we are about. We do not make fear go away.  We help people understand the roots of their fear, the mechanics of fear, how fear works, and to change our relationship with fear. We give people the tools to dismantle the intensity of their fear to no longer be the victim of their fears, anxiety, and depression.

To see a psychiatrist or psychic or take medications, yoga or activities of recreation costs so much more in the long run. There is also the option to live and work with us in beautiful Lisbon Portugal. Anyone who signs up to do the coaching gets all the Orientation books for free, plus they may even get to write their stories or share their art in our EOF magazine.
Diego and I will also make ourselves available to you 24/7, so as to guide you every step of the way through this very challenging dismantling process. You are free to ask us as many questions as you like. The Facebook group and community also serve as a free resource and place to deepen understanding.

How ever a persons main motivation to doing this coaching must be that they are doing this for their mind.

Can I Dismantle On My Own Using Your Orientations Posts?

There is a small possibility for a person to be able to dismantle by reading all the content silently on their own. I have met people who have told me they have read all the posts but when we talk a bit more they start to see that reading the posts is not the same as living them. Many start off thinking they will dismantle just by reading the Orientation posts, but the problem is after they have read the posts they are able to understand them, but only intellectually and they soon find out that it is not enough. This is because even though they know certain things it does not stop them from continuing to fall into the same mind traps, even if they know them a bit bitter, so that makes things a bit worse as they can see it but they can not yet prevent it. They know that the cliche ways we react to our thoughts are not productive for us, we know that they can even be destructive but we still fall for them anyway. How many people do you know who are able to read and repeat huge amounts of information but do not understand that information at all. Indeed in school we are taught to read and remember and repeat vast amounts of information but that does not help us to understand such information or know how to read and perceive information. This is the way the many are conditioned to be now a days its a major block that prevents us from thinking and fully understanding. When people do the coaching with us they are able to get out of their confusion and read the posts in the way that they had not been able to before they will be able to do a lot more with the content in the posts when its done in a more personal one on one way. How can one understand such content if they do not understand their mind? How does one dismantle if they have not yet been able to think in new ways they never thought before? Thus when this is achieved and our assistance helps to chip away the blocks in our mind then a person is able to read with out the blocks making a filter of their own interpretations beliefs and ideals getting in the way. Where a person is no longer reading and seeing things how they want or how they are conditioned to but how they really are and what is between the lines, then are really dismantling. This is why we say that its very challenging to dismantle on your own, i can even vouch for myself when i went from just reading the posts to living and applying them its a whole other ball game all together. This is why we recommend and strongly suggest the coaching as you will have a whole new understanding and perspective on so many things.

Why Does it Take One Year to Dismantle our Conditioning?

First of all, it is not just fears we are dealing with but all psychological emotional discomforts from depression, anxiety, anger, beliefs, identity, stress, and confusions of all sorts. All of those states of mind take a whole life time to fuel in your life before it inconveniences our whole life in every area of their life, and we are not just focusing on a persons life but
also historical thinking/ collective bad habits that greatly effects our daily thinking and perception. The mind is tricky and plays various games and is loaded with countless booby traps, it can be overwhelming, frustrating and intense we have more conditioning's then we can imagine and when we start to pull away the layers and see inside our own mind it is very shocking when we reach this point with a person it then is critical as so many rather go back to their old familiar lives, belief comfort zones then face what the human race has been avoiding for a millenia. When people are able to get past this phase of dismantling then they feel stagnated and thus frustrated by this it’s not a very pleasant phase either but necessary as its no different when we realize our computer is full of software and programs we do not need and are outdated so we hit delete and it takes the computer a long time to remove all that old software that it either slows or freezes the computer for a bit. Dismantling ones inner fears is huge process and is an ongoing work even when a person is not in a chat with us they have to constantly monitor and stalk their mind to be always encouraged to questions the mind the thoughts and see what is behind each one.

The coaching is not like a weekend workshop, or a school, there is no techniques or methods,or a cult/ religion or a motivational speeches of blah blah its not enough to understand it intellectually a person must apply and live it in their mind in order for themselves to experience psychological freedom. We are not about promoting a person to be more enlightened, or successful or psychically healthy if that is your intent for working with us then coaching is not for you.the coaching is mostly us hammering at your psychological Berlin wall as many times as we have to in the same place until the whole wall falls and we can see what that wall is made of and why it there to begin with. This is the wall that separates our conscious from our unconscious mind. Has anyone ever asked why we have that wall to begin with? The coaching is like a gym for your mind its to help you think in ways we never thought about before, to become aware of all the things that we are not thinking and why we are not thinking.  We also explore why it is so scary for the masses to think and how we all contribute consciously and unconsciously to not thinking.

Who is Your Coaching Not For?

We are very particulate with who we select to do the Coaching with which is the reason you have a questionnaire, like we said before EOF is not for everyone.
 This is not for people who are heavily involved in beliefs of any kind especially religious, beliefs in a god or spiritual beliefs. However, we will work with a person who does have these beliefs but are not so attached to them and sincerely wants to inquire past them to see what is behind them.

Our coaching is not for someone who sees this as a way to be more successful in the commercial world, nor is it for someone who has spiritual ambitions to become more enlightened/conscious or physically healed,its not a quick fix feel good motivational or an escape from their problems. It is also not for people who are on heavy medications or doing street drugs. Our coaching is for people who want to understand their mind and their inner fears why we are stagnated really and experience psychological freedom to dismantle their inner fears once and for all.

It takes a while for a person to fully understand the EOF and what we are about which is why we have the questionnaire and are very particular whom we work with and why we say it takes a year to be able to have the tools needed to not be a victim of our mind. It's crucial that the person is on the same page as us in order for us to go further and for it to work for you otherwise its just wasting everyone else's time and energy and we want to avoid this.

If I Qualify What Do I Need To Do To Prepare?

After you have qualified and you want to understand more before you start with us we highly suggest you to read the Orientation posts or get the books. If the Orientations are difficult to understand then it is suggested that you try the EOF Exercises. We also have an E.O.F. group on Facebook where you can meet other people who want to understand and dismantle their fears. It's also a good place to familiarize yourself with the content and to get to know Diego and me. Videos are available online. It is also suggested that you have something to record the conversations. If recording is not available to you, then have a note pad and pen ready. We do not record the sessions it is the responsiblity of the participant to record. Make sure your Skype connection is fully operational, including your speakers and mic.




I am wondering how it is possible to achieve freedom from fear by only engaging in the intellectual dismantling of one’s own belief system with EOF?
Doesn’t suffering in adulthood often have its origins in childhood trauma/experiences? How can you free yourself from the painful impact of experiences such as abuse for example by only understanding how it affects your mind?

No: suffering in adulthood does not necessarily have roots in childhood's traumas or experiences..
It can arise from total abstractions, from the adoption of various faiths, manias, beliefs and various forms of psychological insufficiency.

I assume that one of the major fulcrums and pivots of psychological pain, no matter if rooted in past traumas or not, the investigation of which, however, must remain ''mental light years'' far away from rhetorical confabulations, various banal intellectual theories and assumptions and confusing mixtures put together by motivational or even ''spiritual'' elucubrations. This to be found, explored and actually studied in the very fact in which we all have been educated to ''think'' and to proceed cognitively through the psychological ''algorithm'' of punishment and reward and not through a whole understanding of what it is and how it works, and what its made out of.

Therefore; as long as we think about our mental suffering, whatever it is, whether it be anxiety, irrational fears, abstract distress, pain of living and psychological insufficiencies composed of various dynamics.
So long we won't think in terms, (and in sober, intelligent willingness to), of an actual understanding of what the very structure of such distress is made of.

I find it hard to understand this in practical terms, though I think I get the substance.
Here’s my problem: I think that I have a very chaotic brain and inner world. Sometimes I close my eyes and observe the images that come up. What I found out is, that I have almost no control over these images as I try to interact with them.  I believe that often I have no power over my inner world because subconsciously I think that I can’t handle certain things. As a result, I cannot access repressed feelings or memories. This is really frustrating.

I don’t know if your program is right for me. I want to be able to have control over my inner world and maybe an EOF session can be beneficial to this goal?
One of the reasons why I want to do this, is to be able access repressed feelings and memories from my childhood. However, as I understood you in your previous email, even if I suffer today as a consequence of things that happened to me in childhood, it is possible to overcome this by understanding the mechanics of my way of thinking (about suffering), which have been imposed on me by society/ which are not authentic. So does that mean that I should rise above my past and if I am able to do this and observe myself from above, there is no need to engage with my repressed feelings/memories?

The practicality you and I are talking about is indeed to be brought into being by the serious and intelligent analysis of this ''machinery of pictures'' (psychological pictures) you described.. which is the activity of out every-day's neurological, cognitive and psychological living..

If our brain, let's say our ''psychological brain'' is chaotic, then it's obvious that all attempts and efforts to search for whatever solution outwardly, whether it be ''spiritual'', religious, idealistic or merely about drugs, drinking, being busy compulsively in something or just entertainment and amusements.. all of those escapes are obviously futile.. simply because a confused mind can only think in terms of confusion..

The very psychological structure of the mental chaos must be inquired and dissected without any biases or stratagems of any kind. Which is precisely what we do with the EOF project..
Is there a possibility to observe the whole dynamic of our confusion without the thought-processes that created such confusion ?
I don't see why not..

You mentioned ''power'', (which, by the way, is a word and concept all over the place in the so called ''new age''/mumbo jumbo arena and the whole motivational field of rhetorical banalities)..
I would suggest to be careful with this urgency of power ..'cause to want psychological power is to not invite intelligence: it's demanding for control.. then even if we achieve some psychological control, which may gives us a semblance of psychological security, then are we not also afraid to lose it ?
Confusion must be understood intelligently, wholly, rationally, not controlled..
how can we possibly control something that we do not understand in full ?

Even if you recall and face the memories from your childhood, then this activity won't set yourself able to comprehend the psychological mechanic of confusion..

I personally consider not really much relevant, if not in terms of mere curiosity, the willingness to remember past circumstances but to understand how we interpret them from our confusion and beliefs that often tend to think for us not our own mind.