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Refine Your Thinking

   By working with us via our one-on-one coaching, you will embark on a thorough investigation that will give
   you tools to identify and counteract your blind spots. Thus, you'll have a better understanding on how
   mental and emotional confusion functions in the psyche and how to refine your thinking skills. 
   Our Approach:
   Radical inquiry can help us face complexity and deepen our 
   understanding of life. We encourage you not to be afraid to face the
   nuances and subtle complexities of unraveling the conditioned layers 
   of our human experience. Oftentimes, we tend to get nervous about
   saying 'I' think or feel 'such and such,' often hiding behind the objective,    third- person, journalistic accounts of what's going on. However, a
   serious inquiry can take place in the detection of our daily problems
   and personal, psychological stumbling blocks.
   We work from the premise that when our psyche is fragile, we 
   easily adopt a network of beliefs that get filtered down from ideological 
   discourses that can't think nor anticipate future concerns. Discourses
   including: religion, spirituality, idealism, addiction, nonclinical  
   depression, anxiety and new-age quackery. 
   Our one-on-one coaching and  online  course  nurture psychological 
   sufficiency. Numerous stubborn ideologies nest in our psychological
   landscape, inevitably holding our mind hostage. Some we're aware 
   of and others we're not. The more we investigate these tricky 
   mindsets that we tie to our emotions, the better we can understand our
   mental and emotional confusion, thus decreasing psychological            

   This process involves an ongoing understanding of our conditioning.
   By facing our problems in sobriety, we can discover what it means to
   have a healthy mind. Would you like to explore the deeper implications      of these findings?
   Benefits From Our Coaching:
  •    Uncover cognitive problems and facing them with logical emotion
  •    Comprehend complex dynamics involving confusion, irrational 
               fears and misconceptions
  •    Understand counter-intuitive solutions
  •    Challenge overly simplistic interpretations
  •     Emphasize attentive observation over reactive thinking
  •    Identify broken chains of logic
  •    Understand the difference between thinking and 'thoughting'
  •    Comprehend the problems of living through a belief system         
  •    Avoid devolving into fanciful projections
  •    Mediate the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and facts

  •    Detect actual vs. imagined limitation       
  •    Detect, decrease and prevent conflicts and irrational reactions
   How Long Does This Process Take?
   We find one year an appropriate length of time, although the second
   year brings significant progress. A single conversation or a few                  sessions cannot be productive; we are dealing with the many layers of
   our conditioning and the complexity of our psychological life, and this
   takes more time.

   As an altenative to the one year program you can book one or multiple 
   sessions as you wish and personally evauate what number of sessions
   will satisfy you the most.

   EOF Is For Anyone Who Is Interested In:
  • Knowing more about themselves pertaining to humanities, critical thinking, skepticism, ideology, rhetoric and models of the mind
  • Understanding the prominent role of cultural beliefs in our cognitive challenges
  • Preventing exploitation and non clinical depression linked to psychological authority
  • Challenging toxic certainties or dogma perpetuated by religion, spirituality and pseudoscience and social conditioning
  • Finding a compatible complement to an existing psychological practice

   How Does It Work?
  •   All sessions can be done via Skype
  •   Sessions can take up to 1 - 1.5 hours and occur weekly
  •   Payments are made before sessions via  PayPal
  •   Please give us 24 hours notice if you must cancel

   Are You Compatible?

   If you are ready to inquire outside of your comfort zone in order
   to address the psychological roots of confusion; if you are willing
   to work consistently at implementing the content of the sessions in 
   your everyday life, then yes, you are compatible!

   Qualify for the coaching by filling out our questionnaire.
   Send us an email expressing your interest in the coaching to

Main Questions and Topics
That We Explore

  • Why do we make up imaginary problems?

  • Why is irrationality alluring?

  • Why are we the most intelligent species yet the most cognitively challenged species on the planet?
  • Wherever there is love, there is also a certain amount of conflict. How are
          Did they link?
  • Why do we strive for peace but are unable to achieve it, psychologically first, then externally?
  • Why do why have the tendency to be slaves to our beliefs, identity, emotions, answers, justifications and 'our truths'?
  • Why are we unable to make the distinction between believing and understanding?
  • What are most psychology studies overlooking?
  • What is our education system overlooking?
  • Why is knowledge and learning not enough?
  • Why do superficial solutions often reveal themselves as an extension of an unexplored problem?
  • How can hope be a trap?
  • What is behind addictions, nonclinical depression, loneliness, and anxiety?
  • How do we deceive ourselves first, before anyone else?
  • Why aren't we interested in studying our own contradictions and gullibility?

  • Why is it so hard to be both logically emotional at the same time?

  • Which is the most problematic and why?
    An experience, the memory of the experience, the interpretation of the experience, or the relationship with the experience? 

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