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Leaving Religion 
Support Network
Pilot Project 
coming soon

Why a course on Leaving Religion?
CEI is a private organization offering online education on issues not readily available from other institutions.
Among other courses, we deliver online programs in Critical Thinking. Questioning religious beliefs is just a natural evolution of this course. So we decided to create a course specifically for those questioning their cultural beliefs.
The course offers guidance on how to address such questions following a critical appraisal of beliefs.
This course is necessary because there is little to no support for people suffering from anxiety when leaving traditional beliefs and as such we help people to recognize the different intellectual and emotional stages of that process.
What is this course about?
The course addresses the historical origins of religions and the biological and evolutionary aspects of belief formation. It goes on to present the main psychological process involved in belief formation and the role of social context in keeping them alive.
The course starts with a forum discussion to identify the main aspects that affect the participants. They are free to share with others what brought them to this stage in their life and will be supported by a forum facilitator.
Many of the participants' questions will hopefully be answered during the course of the lessons and by the end, they will evaluate how this knowledge has brought them peace of mind.
The abandonment of the belief framework in which we shaped our personalities, can be a distressing and emotional journey, riddled with guilt, confusion, and loss of moral compass. The course provides a scientific background to better understand the mental processes that take place in our minds during such transformative process.
The course aims to address the issues without blame or guilt and help the students to identify their own chosen pathways. it doesn't tell them what they ought or should do. It simply helps the student to analyze the different possible outcomes that better suit their lives. This is not a course to produce atheists, but rather a process that helps the participants to analyze their own concerns under an objective and unbiased approach.
We need your help for this pilot project
This is the first online course in the world that we know of that is addressing the complex questions faced by those who are leaving their religious beliefs, as such the first run consists of a pilot project where your participation is crucial for the betterment of the following course.
We are therefore looking for the first participants, offering a place for free and we count on your experience to improve the course for future cohorts. Some of you may even become tutors.
We will respect your privacy and we only need a name and email address to interact in the virtual learning environment.
To participate you just need to send us an email specifying your interest in this pilot project then we just need to know a bit about yourself. We will ask you for your permission to use your experience in case of studies, without individual identification. This approach will help us to tailor the course to the needs of our participants.
The course will provide information about books, texts, videos, and web pages that can support you in your quest.
This course aims to offer a private support network to those grappling with difficult questions about their beliefs and cultural identity.
Presently we are working with the organization Faith to Faithless to develop and improve the course, but we are open to collaboration with other organizations offering support to those leaving any religion or cult.
Course Contents
Part 1: Analysing the path that brought you here
Losing faith: The main questions asked
Why and what do you question?
The problem of guilt
Losing the moral compass
Mechanisms of belief imprinting
Part 2: The evolution of belief
Morality is not a religious issue. A biological and anthropological view of morality.
What is truth?
Beliefs and opinions
Faith, beliefs, and evidence
Cognitive bias
Part 3: The psychology of belief
Part 4: The philosophy of belief
Part 5: Critical analysis of beliefs
Part 6: Addressing the questions you asked in detail and providing answers.