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         The 17 European Skeptics Congress, Wroclaw, Poland, 2017


  1. We Got Reality, And We Got Thought, And We Got Words.
    02 Jul, 2018
    We Got Reality, And We Got Thought, And We Got Words.
    Reality, the reality of things; is reality: the real thing, which is a construct made by many details, not just one. And many of such details are hidden, sophisticated, complex, kind of overlapping layers hard to spot and decode with accuracy (which is why usually we go for what the surface of reality shows and offers us and instead of inquiring and finding out for ourselves, we get simplistic, superficial, dull, stupid and drunken down by the surface's contents). Then there is thought: thought
  2. The ''Cult'' Nonsense Allegations Against EOF Project
    01 Jul, 2018
    The ''Cult'' Nonsense Allegations Against EOF Project
    IS EOF PROJECT A ''CULT''?  Response to some ridiculous allegations published on line about EOF Project.  Read more: ​ PREMISES: Usually I do not embark myself in online dramas, people's pettiness and digital stupidity, particularly because in most cases is merely a futile waste of intellectual and life energies and because any fool has today the opportunity to use the internet in order to set up pages and blogs aimed to twist facts and slander somebody else. However, considering the