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Diego Fontanive, Founder of EOF Project 
Diego Fontanive, born in Italy in 1973, is a tutor, writer, and speaker focusing on various fields including metacognition, critical thinking, theory of the mind, logic, cognitive approaches to AI development, deep thinking, high order thinking skills, education, memetics and metamemetics. He has a background in Political Science, Sociology, Critical Thinking, Modern History, Memetics and Philosophy.

His main focus is in applying multilogicality to topics such as ideologies, dogmatic thinking and unquestioned common sense which reduce our ability to think clearly, therefore often resulting in irrational psychological and psychosocial suffering, logical fallacies, biased cognitive approaches, cognitive dissonance, meta-ignorance perpetuating our epistemic acceptances and various social iniquities. Diego accompanies people in following and decoding their thought processes using metametacognition. 

After becoming familiar with the contradictions embedded within the monological organisation and structure of our modern society, it became important for him to inquire, study and explain how all systems that come from ideologies, fallacies and cognitive biases fragment and distort our cognitive and psycho-social understanding of reality. He also proposes innovative educational programs for experimental education based on metamemetics and high order thinking in approaches and analyses. Diego is the creator and tutor of the 'All In the Mind' course for Cambridge e-Learning Institute, UK.

He was a member of the Board of Directors of A.A.International (2016-2018). He has written numerous articles / abstracts / speeches for the Psychological and Skeptic & Scientific community, analogous sociological institutions, social science conferences / congresses and the U.N. Speeches and published articles include:
-The University of St. Cloud, Minnesota, US, 'Survive and Thrive,

-Mind Events, Stockholm, Sweden 2012
-‘Human Security In the Balkans UN Congress’, Belgrade, Serbia,
-7th EIO conference ‘Europe inside-out: Europe and Europeanness
 exposed to plural observers’, 2017.

Collaborations and speeches regarding topics like multilogical thinking and metamemetic thinking interfaced with deep machine learning in AI development:
-‘ETH Conference 2018’, Lille, France.
-ConSymbol4 International Conference Paul Valéry University of
  Montpelllier, France, 2017.
-‘Teaching Logic and Prospects of its Development Conference
  2018’, Kyiv, Ukraine.
-‘European Skeptics Congress 17’, Wroclaw, Poland, 2017,
-7th Euroacademia Forum of Critical Studies – 'Asking Big Questions
  Again', Nice, France, November 2018,
-IICEHawaii2019 International Conference on Education, Honolulu,
 Hawaii, USA,

Over the years Diego has amassed thousands of hours of classes and sessions with hundreds of people from all over the world. 

Diego is willing to travel, participate and contribute with his proposals and knowledge to any event, workshop, project or initiative that focuses on topics related to:  

-Critical Thinking       -Human Solutions
    -Theory of the Mind       -Social Science      -Isms     

-Beliefs          -Metaphilosophy        -Philosophy of Science    
-Metacognition       -Memetics        -Humanism

-Metamemetic thinking       -Skepticism       -Secularism     
-Atheism         -Intelligence        -Education     

-Experimental Education           -Metaeducation     
-Philosophy        -Recovery from Fallacious Beliefs    

 -Prevention of Dogmatic thinking and biases     
-Epistemology        -Reason    -Multilogicality
-Philosophy of Robotics       -Futurism      -Logic

-Artificial Intelligence        -Theories of Consciousness
-Applied Rationality           -Progress      -Deep Mind

    (and other fields compatible with these topics).

To request Diego to attend your event, work with your team, or book a speaking engagement,
please send a request here >     

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Twenty two propositions about  present                                                                                                                        and future human solutions

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A Few Testimonials

This has been the most amazing year and it's mostly thanks to Diego amongst others and I am sure more to come doing what you do. I am starting to understand what Diego is talking about... and that is pretty bloody impressive!

This is great... and once people start to take full responsibility for their life then they do not need to find external reasons for their mess anymore. They will simply acknowledge their own creation and start to take care of it in an increasingly comprehensive way.
I am sure that besides the voices of blame and anger you will receive a lot of positive feedback and an expression of gratitude because your work is simply amazing and your dedication is astounding.. Thank you EOF!

You come close to providing a way of defeating confusion than anyone else i have read, and i appreciate this. Confusion can be a very hard nut to crack, yet the only solution is to discover and implement awareness from all the chains and tethers you speak of, conditioning, programming, karma, gods, and all the rest. Keep refining your tools to knock the walls down that are stifling us.

Your content has razor sharp lucidity; while they may not sit well with the herd, they strongly encourage one to expand, postulate and extrapolate ones perspective and really t.h.i.n.k. for their own sanity and question the paradigm. I know you get it .. definitely not for fluffy woo woo spiritualists.


Your content helped me to understand my depression and to listen to my thoughts (must admit it's the biggest relief In my life understanding my depression and if I was to have a belief it would be that Diego is a genius and I cannot thank him enough).

Thinking back on my depression and after reading the orientation books just makes me realize how conditioned my mind was the constant mind rape I did for years the self-hatred the suicidal thoughts the constant inner battle against my subconscious the stupidity of it all It's quite crazy. I cannot believe i used to fall for that.

-Mark B-
I have ”followed” you for a few years now, and I have always loved the things you shared and appreciated your honesty!

I have a lot of different fears and a lot of insecurities... I’ve really started observing my thoughts and it’s unbelievable how beliefs and conditionings have taken over.. scary to realize.

I get excited when I think about going through this process and digging deep. Because I’m determined to do it!

-Silke -
I stopped having major binges which is a total relief to me and has had a great impact on my mood. How it came into being, well I guess its a combination of what I learned during the sessions with EOF and having a good nutritional status. I started taking supplements right after Christmas because I felt I was undernourished. Not that I ate too little but I felt as if I lacked many essential nutrients. Than the magic happened. Three week later I felt like something inside of me was coming alive. My mind became sharper and I could handle myself better in difficult situations. But I was still craving food. So one night I was in this bad mental state and I really just wanted to eat but part of me did not. And then it hit me: 'I do not have to do this, I get to decide if I eat or not!' This simple realisation saved my evening and the following and so on.
The thing of course is, when you pull off a layer that blocks everything that is underneath you find yourself wanting to put it back. I can see my anxiety much clearer now, it hurts, but I feel a little bit less scared. I even managed to go to the university and talk to my professor about the article without having a nervous breakdown and I managed to have a normal conversation without me feeling small and inferior. So while the anxiety still lurks behind every door, I also start see the qualities that I have (although I may have left many of them untouched for quite a while) and I become more and more willing to go and use them.
In the first place this is a success-story, but reality kicks in very quickly and I see myself still running in circles trying to avoid stuff I should do. But I feel much stronger and more able to break another pattern now that I have broken the most devastating and deadly of them.
Thanks to EOF I have acquired the tools I needed to find my way through my mind and through the jungle of society. I want to thank especially Diego for the many hours of clearness when everything seemed misty and blurred. You two have helped me a lot to become more conscious about the workings of my mind and the tricks I play with easy it is to defeat yourself over and over while life goes on without you. But I also want to stress that I wouldn't have had the energy to pull myself out of this vicious food cycle without also paying attention to my body as well. 

-Sonja J-
Your approaches and clarity have helped me so much in my life, a life with less fear cause it's not so scary when you understand your irrational fears like you showed how to do. Keep up the good work!


EOF project helped me to alter the course of my life, it gave me courage to ask questions that i was afraid to ask before, or did not even known that i could, it gave me totally new understanding about my and collective conditions, I am certain that if we have such tools, the tools that EOF project have too offer, incorporated into our global education system, this is the reason why i joined the project and admire anyone whom will endeavour, and attempts to embark on the journey into self-study, understanding.

​This project is not only good for the schools, and universities, but also just about for anyone that is brave enough to dare to understand and question, observable and not so observable realities.

Despite all of the allure - of spiritual practices, all of these attempts to tap into "somewhere else" or become "something else" i couldn't help but feel the red flags go up in me. i think most of us in this world have our interests focused in hobbies, not interests in the mechanics of the mind. i don't think human beings have ever rationally faced their minds - thoughts / feelings and the thoughts behind those feelings and so on. it is the most difficult experience (for me at least) because it is the most unfamiliar - (in so many ways). anyways, i do see how unnecessary / distracting our spiritual "hobbies" are in relation to real, REAL human development.
Lately, i find the only real fulfilling, trustworthy, genuine experience in this world is being able to connect with another.. not so much through hobbies / beliefs .. but with one who is willing to discuss these beliefs, the obstruction that goes on in the mind on a daily basis .. and dig into it with me - maybe not to find an answer .. but to understand a bit .. to understand enough to at least to not fall victim to shallow thinking / irrational behaviours / stagnant living - i think to get out - get out of this world wide mess .. we have to go inward and really observe our mind mechanics / psychology / emotions / reactions etc - if you care anything at all about life.. and i mean, REAL LIFE. not the after life, not the angel realm, not the 5th dimension, etc .. then the examination of your mind should be your foundation for living first before all.. or else you will just be cheating yourself and your real potential as an intelligent, caring, clearer human being. i can reflect on my mistakes in a healthier way .. again, much more consistent. i feel more careful and considerate and less emotionally drained. and how appreciative i am of you and diego's work.  this is the best thing i have ever done for myself. my life is so much more enriching and greater quality. i feel like with a year or two of dismantling so much .. i felt so uncomfortable .. and confused. emptying myself also made me not have a foundation .. but little by little i have been rebuilding something so much stronger. sturdy thinking, stable relationship to my feelings. better relationships in general. i am reaping the benefits now. i can enjoy this process of understanding, questioning and learning. when before it was incredibly intimidating. it is nice to be in a position to trust myself to think rationally - and not sacrifice the things that are important to me .. like the things that actually make "me" me.

Thank you EOF for providing just that.

These are many words that describe my experience working with EOF & Diego learning is not one of them, more like revealing, un-learning, observing & understanding the root and origin of my struggling & internal suffering are more suitable characteristics. Its unlike anything i have ever heard or seen of before  & i can say its truly unique!
I have witnessed myself blooming throughout the whole process
that was put so clearly to the illusory perception of what we think fear is. Diego gently but firmly facilitates the process for you; by exposing your own out-worn past identities, conditioning's, beliefs. As I began to observe my thinking, I began to notice the structures behind my thoughts and the images it creates in my mind which are all stemming from the past.
I'm sure many people would be interested in hearing about my experiences dealing directly with Diego and EOF.

I can reveal that EOF has ''conspired'' to be terribly helpful, viciously caring human beings who helped me help myself when I had pretty much given up on life. However, I must say that without the assistance of these two genuinely caring down to earth people, I may not even be alive today let alone sane and able to live my life again. I can also tell you what they are not - they are not a cult, not charging exorbitant prices for their help, not aliens, and this is my honest experience of them.
I write this to give another angle on Diego and EOF as so many people seem interested in what they are all about. Obviously I think they are great as they helped me to be able to think. I leave it to you to form your own opinion of them obviously, and I hope you find my account interesting.